Clandestine drug laboratory Inspection & Assessment

Clandestine Drug Laboratory Assessment, Remediation & Validation

It has been recognised by Australian Government and various state and local public health and environmental regulatory authorities that the chemical contamination ") arising from illicit drug manufacturing ("cooking") carried out in clandestine drug laboratories (Meth lab) presents a serious risk of harm to human and environmental health.    Various toxic chemicals are used and generated in these processes and these chemical residues remain on various indoor surfaces and soil even after ceasing the process.  The contamination levels and type of contamination depend on the method/process, duration of illegal drug operation in the premises and quantity of the chemicals handled.   Australian Crime Commission (ACC) has established a guideline for assessment and remediation of former clandestine drug laboratories to ensure the premises are adequately decontaminated and safe to re-occupy.  For properties identified as illegal clandestine drug laboratories, nominated regulatory authorities are legally empowered to issue a notice to the property owner for clean-up and ensure that property is safe to re-occupy e.g.  local Councils in NSW are empowered under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 to issue a Notice of Clean-Up Action and ensure the property is safe to re-occupy.  

Our Expertise

Regardless of the type of property, Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd specialist team can assist you:

  • If you have received a clandestine drug lab clean-up order / notice from regulatory authority i.e. local council, or
  • If you suspect a former illicit clandestine drug lab at the property you intend to buy / sale or rent and want to verify.

Strengths of Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd services in this area include:

  • Comprehensive and cost effective services designed to assist property owners, insurance companies, legal firms, real estate agents, strata and remediation contractors in meeting the legal requirement of assessment, remediation and validation of the identified or suspected illicit clandestine drug laboratory;
  • All assessments, remediation and validation are conducted in accordance with the ACC - Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guideline and the requirement of the Clean up notice / order from the local Council or other regulatory authority;
  • Highly qualified (Certified Occupational Hygienists COH / CIH and full member of Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists, AIOH) and highly experienced consultants in this area;
  • Experience of successfully conducting several clandestine drug lab (meth lab) assessment, remediation action plans, and validation assessments;
  • Assist our client throughout the whole process as necessary, which may include the following steps:
    1. Preliminary Assessment of the property including reviewing clean-up notice /order from local regulatory authority, State police force report and liaison as required, visual inspections and and conducting various screening tests at the subject premises;
    2. Detailed assessment if required;
    3. Appropriate and cost effective Remediation Action Plan (RAP) if required, and
    4. Validation Assessment and clearance certificate to re-occupy the property.
  • Separate detailed reports are issued for each above mentioned stages (as required);
  • Calibrated and well maintained specialised instruments for real-time screening/testing e.g. Portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF), photoionisation detector (PID) and real-time methamphetamine screening test kits for surfaces and water, pH test strips;
  • Work with NATA accredited laboratory  for analysis of samples where detailed assessment is required;
  • Assist in selection of appropriate experienced remediation contractor, where remediation is required, and 
  • Assist in answering any technical queries from regulatory authority e.g. Council Environmental Health Officer in relation to the subject premises assessment, remediation and validation. 

For more information about  clandestine drug laboratory assessment, remediation  & validation please contact:

Ritesh Patel: 0417 420 405

Please click here to learn more about clandestine drug laboratories in Australia and the process of assessment, remediation, validation and clearance to re-occupy.