Environmental management services

Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd offers the following comprehensive range of environmental management services to assist clients to make informed decisions regarding their environmental risks and commercial exposure.

Site Assessment

Environmental site assessment
  • Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI)
  • Detailed Site Investigation (DSI)
  • Site Characterisation
  • Sampling - soil, soil gas, surface & groundwater, and other environmental media

Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd consultants can assure clients that obligations set out by the Contaminated Land Management legislation and guidelines relating to the identification, notification and management of contaminated land will be adequately assessed.


Environmental Remediation Action Plan
  • Preparation of Remediation Action Plans
  • Preparation of Construction Environmental Management Plans
  • Preparation of Safe Work Method Statements and other site specific documentation
  • Project Management
  • Validation sampling & reporting

Consultant memberships and affiliations include: The Australasian Land and Groundwater Association (ALGA), Australian Remediation Industry Cluster (ARIC), CRC Care Australia, The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) and The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI).

Materials & Waste

Classification of Waste
  • Sampling of different waste/materials – solid, sludge and liquid
  • Classification of waste
  • Advice on the treatment, management and disposal of waste
  • VENM / ENM verification or sampling

Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd consultants can assure our clients of practical and cost effective assessments and management strategies for dealing with all types of waste and materials.

Environmental Due Diligence

* Compliance Reviews
* Due Diligence Reviews
* Systems Reviews
* Preparation of risk assessments, with prioritised recommendations for rectification

Our areas of expertise are:

Multi-storey high building, hospitals, shopping centres, ships (bulk carriers, product containers, barges, ferries etc.) industrial plants, manufacturing plants, breweries, refineries, etc. 

Stack Testing

Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd offers a wide range of stationary source emission testing services to assist clients in monitoring and minimizing the discharges to the environment and for compliance with individual licensing requirements. Our proficiencies include:

Environmental Compliance and Due Diligence review

* Monitoring of emissions to atmosphere from stationary sources
* Pilot plant trials
* Scrubber efficiency trials
* Calibration of Constant Emission Monitoring Systems (CEM’s)
* Odour Surveys
* Plant Commissioning
* National Pollution Inventory (NPI) reporting
* State discharge license compliance
* Plume Dispersion Modelling

Hibbs & Associates consultants understand that this type of information is often required at very short notice. We are able to respond to clients requests and this service is tailored to provide concise and constructive information in the necessary time period. 


For further information please contact: 

Julie Porter on 0447 128 680