Mould Assessment

Our Company services on mould related issues include:

  1. Determination of the extent of mould contamination in an indoor situation or a workplace and the health impacts to the occupants by a combination of one or all of the below mentioned tests, including:
  • visual examination for signs of water penetration;
  • moisture readings of affected surfaces to establish the extent of moisture damage;
  • specialized airborne mould sampling of selected locations compared to reference air;
  • surface tests to identify mould growth and the extent of surface contamination,
  • examining/testing inside wall cavities (as required), and
  • following specialized laboratory testing, analysis of mould genera and concentrations of the various samples to evaluate the risk impact.

     2.  Writing a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) based on the results of the above assessment, and

     3.  Conduct a mould clearance following remediation by a Specialist Mould Cleaning Contractor before               the place is re-occupied.

The video bellows shows growing mycelium of the filamentous fungus, Aspergillus fumigatus. Filmed using time lapse confocal microscopy speed = x50


For more information about Mould Assessment and remediation, please contact the following consultants:

Mitchell Thompson 0419 687 791

More details on mould background, methodology of assessment, remediation and validation clearance tests are given in the following link: Learn more about mould