Occupational Health & Safety

Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd’s dedicated team of trained professionals are committed to assist employers to meet their OHS obligations. The new regulatory developments and standardisations are impacting on the workplace policies and procedures of every Australian employer and on the personal responsibilities of directors, managers and personnel.


Our team of occupational hygienists are highly qualified and experienced in the field of occupational health and safety service, and will provide:

  • Tailored workplace solutions through site inspection and communication with relevant personnel ;
  • Appropriate monitoring equipment and implementation of reputable sampling methodologies;
  • Interpretation of results with applicable Workplace Exposure Standards and / or guidelines;
  • A relevant qualitative or quantitative risk assessment of hazards in the workplace, and
  • Sensible and practical consultant recommendations after consideration of current controls.

Our consultant services are not limited to but include:

  • Occupational Hygiene exposure assessment (dust, vapour, mist, fumes),
  • Occupational Noise assessment including dosimetry, sound level measurements, review of signage and hearing protection devices,
  • Hazardous Chemicals (Workplace Substances and/or Dangerous Goods) Assessment,
  • Ventilation Assessment,
  • Review of Material Safety Data Sheets,
  • Ionising and non ionising (EMF & ELF) radiation assessment,
  • Ergonomic and Manual Handling Assessment,
  • Lighting Assessment,
  • Cooling Tower Risk Assessment,
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment,
  • Confined Spaces Risk Assessment and/or gas monitoring,
  • Heat Exposure Assessment, and
  • Vibration Assessment.

Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd also offer a wide range of OHS Training courses which can be tailored towards our clients needs.

For further information regarding Occupational Health & Safety contact:
Dan Le Van on 0419 239 720
Philip Hibbs on 0418 356 784
Robert Gale on 0419 929 038