Managed Property Due Diligence Reviews

 Where strata bodies corporate operate commercial premises or directly employ workers, the body corporate is a "person conducting a business or undertaking" and has a primary duty to ensure the health and safety of workers they engage. direct or influence.
WHS legislation requires that the person conducting a business or undertaking must protect the health and safety of workers and other people by eliminating or minimising risk arising from work or workplaces through identification and elimination or control of hazards.  Officers of PCBUs must exercise due diligence to ensure the PCBU complies with its obligations.


Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd personnel are qualified and experienced in property risk management and can provide the following consultant services:

Our consultants' integrated approach enables Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd to provide a comprehensive property risk management package. Our multi-disciplinary team assures our clients of practical, cost effective solutions tailored to their specific requirements. This enables the client, through our guidance and assistance, to effectively manage their property issues and liabilities, and satisfy their legislative obligations.

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